How to Campaign During COVID-19


A few months ago, no one with any sense would have encouraged you to campaign from your house. However, in this time of uncertainty it is the only option you have. Now is the time to get creative and find new ways to get your message out. Here are a few suggestions on how to continue to campaign from your couch.

Social Media

Internet traffic and social media browsing is up since many states instituted lockdown orders. Take advantage of the captive audience by posting more on social media.


People will still check their mail largely without fear. When you can’t personally go door to door, mail does the trick of meeting people in their homes and getting their attention. A robust mail plan will tell the arc of your story, main issues, and draw a contrast with your opponent. We offer competitive pricing on all of our palm cards that are great for mailing!

Tele-Town Halls

Tele-Town Halls are a great way to host events and communicate with large groups of people.


Friends and family are a valuable resource for campaigns during a pandemic or when the world is normal. Ask your friends to invite fellow community members to like your Facebook page or to make phone calls on your behalf. They can do “digital door-knocking” by reaching out to several of their neighbors and friends through social media and explaining why they’re excited to vote for you in the upcoming election.


Take care of your neighbors by going out to serve in food banks, deliver groceries, and mow yards. You can’t shake hands or have a meet and greet, but taking care of the people around you leaves a strong impression of your community values and dedication to bettering the lives of those you wish to serve. Take reasonable precautions and call ahead to make sure your presence won’t cause fear or concern. Every community is dealing with this crisis differently, so be sensitive to the comfort level of others.


Be helpful. Talk about health care and provide useful information. Remember campaigns are about the voter not the candidate. Make sure you focus on their needs and how the office you are running for is relevant to them. Be careful with tone and be sure to test messages on multiple platforms to see what is working and what is not. 

No matter what kind of campaign you plan to run, it’s important to make sure you’re equipped with the essentials and prepared to adapt to a new scene. Your flexibility will be a strong testimony to your ability to work in the ever-changing landscape of public service.